debt clockUK national debt (government borrowing) is currently £1.6 trillion, or £5,170 per second! You can just about double that figure if you include borrowing by you and I on such things as mortgages, personal loans and credit card spending! How is it then politicians and economists claim Britain is filthy rich? So what do you and I get for £55 million pounds a day? Membership fees to the European Union, which as quickly as the EU receive it, much of the money gets wasted on such things as ‘vanity projects’, such as $3.6 million on video game development and £500 million on failed airport projects. Of course I wouldn’t dream of mentioning the numerous fraudulent applications for farming subsidies on farms that don’t actually exist by members of European-wide organised criminal gangs in league with EU civil servants!  Oh, did you know, small businesses in non-EU countries can also apply for financial aid?

Whichever political party rules Britain, you can be sure of one thing, the eurocrats/commissioners will NEVER allow any British government to ever pay off its debts! It benefits the EU that we remain in a weakened state! Frankly I can see Britain’s national debt rising to £5 trillion over the next 20-years! The only relief we’re ever going to enjoy is…hand relief! When debt reaches £5 trillion, that’s when Britain will have a Socialist Government that will share out everything equally. That’s right folks, we will all get an equal share of fuck all!


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