there is no place like home

A Third Intifada (insurrection) is happening right now in parts of Palestine. Violence has erupted in Hebron and Bethlehem, but if you follow the news, you know that, so why am I repeating what I’ve read and seen on news footage? It occurs to me, nothing much has changed in over 2000 years. When Palestine was part of the Judea during the Roman occupation, at times there simply must have been insurrection. The Israelis are now behaving just as the Romans behaved, and perhaps the Palestinians are behaving as the Jews once behaved? Whatever role reversal you accept, history has proved that certain peoples cannot live side-by-side. Although the Jerusalem problem is a separate issue, in that it has little to do with the occupied lands, I do wonder if total control of the Holy City was transferred to the United Nations, would the Israelis and the Palestinians be prepared to settle their differences once and for all?


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