wind farms 1Generating energy from onshore wind farms has become cheaper than coal, gas or oil power stations. Hold the phone Joan! Didn’t the companies installing and operating onshore turbines receive generous multi-billion pound Government subsidies over several years? And that’s taxpayers’ money! Without free money we wouldn’t have seen any turbines! Its like saying Concorde once made a profit! If you take into account the billions of pounds of Government subsidies the Concorde programme received, it never made a profit. Just because taxpayer-funded ‘seed capital’ is written off, doesn’t mean any particular industry should be seen as standing on its own two feet! Start-up seed capital has never been made available to the small businessman who only wishes to employ 6 people. I wonder why? Nor for that matter are EU farming subsidies available to the small farmer. Some aspects of Capitalism stink of corruption. Then again, I wouldn’t want to live under a Socialist government. Venezuela is awash with crude oil, yet there is a permanent shortage of toilet paper. Go figure!


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