sinkholeTory Grandee and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kenneth Clarke, claims Britain is in danger of becoming a ‘third-rate’ power, ignored by all its allies and vulnerable to enemies if the country votes to sever its ties with the European Union in next year’s ‘In/Out’ referendum. I wonder if Ken Clarke has a holiday home in France? Vulnerable to enemies? Really, who would bother invading Britain? In a ‘risk/reward’ analysis, surely it would cost an invading army more than it would ever make? Who would dare put boots on the ground here? Why, so many f**king sinkholes open up on a daily basis, an invader would lose half his army in them! Road congested is another consideration. Where would an invader park his tanks? Let’s be honest, the only reason we’re not considered a third-rate power now, is because we rejected the Euro and hung on to Sterling! Thank you Margaret Thatcher!


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