state banquet

Today Queen Elizabeth will host a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for 170 people in honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The vast horse-shoe shaped dining table will take three days to lay, so its a dead cert no one is going to be offered a bucket of chicken wings to gnaw on! Since the taxpayers are going to pay for the do, its a shame none of us are invited. I understand the Chinese President and his wife do not eat shell fish or any fish unless it is first smoked. I don’t suppose ‘dog’ will be on the menu? With so many invited guests, Her Maj may well have to employ non-English speaking agency staff to wait on her guests. Lets hope none of them don waistcoat bombs! I guess they’ll be a lot of belching and farting going on, and that’s just the entertainment! Meanwhile, the British steel industry is being decimated by cheap, state-subsidised Chinese steel. Hey, I wonder if human rights and animal rights will be on the menu for discussion? Folks, in life, if you’re not seated at the top table, your fate is in the hands of those who are seated at the top table!


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