immortality 1

Immortality! Can you imagine the immense problems you might face if you were the one human on Earth who had the ability to live forever? Sure you’d have all the time in the world to make mistakes, but they had better be small mistakes. What if you murdered someone and a sentence of ‘natural’ life was handed down? You would outlive all your family members and close friends, meaning you would be forever grieving! If you liked reading, eventually you would become the most well-informed person on the planet, but what if all that knowledge led you to want to affect change, and what if the opposition to your profound changes stacked up against you to the point you were hounded? Now that you’re ‘high profile’, what if the scientific community got wind of your longevity? Would not all your human rights be taken from you when ‘agencies’ took you captive in order to extract your genes for replication? What if a series of natural catastrophes caused the human race to die out, leaving just you? I suppose you could always develop an interest in ‘hobbies’ that didn’t require partner participation? Logically, immortality must be worse than death, don’t you think? So if you’re the one ‘suffering’ from immortality, best keep the affliction to yourself. I’d say, ‘take the secret to your grave’, but you can’t!


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