A 40-year-old man appeared in Barkingside magistrate’s court (Essex), accused of drugging, raping and murdering four young men he met on gay websites and dumping their bodies in and around a churchyard in east London. The chances are, if the victims hadn’t first communicated with their murderer on the Internet, they would still be alive. I think we can all agree upon that! You may use the internet to further your knowledge and fill your shelves with DVD and CDs, but there are plenty of low lives with internet connections who trawl the worldwide web with the sole intention of doing harm to others. Criminals, fraudsters, terrorists, paedophiles and other sexual predators. For example…as if you need another one…Isis launched an unprecedented video campaign calling on Palestinians to step up attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

You can’t halt change, but not all change is progress! The Internet influences the way people think and therefore the way some of us behave towards others. Shrinking the divide between great oceans, the WWW brings together like-minded people on social media sites to both their benefit and their detriment. No longer do millions shop with their feet, but with strokes on a keyboard. This new way of shopping has caused untold hardship to the small time shopkeeper who traditionally eeked out a living to provide the basis necessities for his own family. While I swear by the internet, I’m fully aware it has caused the deaths of many, many people, and will continue to do so! It remains a platform for mass murder! So before you let your 4-year-old on the internet, do be aware of the consequences of ‘getting connected’.


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