BBC camera

According to the ex-BBC chairman Lord Grade, the Corporation has been guilty of ‘inexcusable’ bias in its reporting of the stabbing attacks on Israelis. Lord Grade went on to accuse BBC correspondent Orla Guerin of ‘directly misleading’ viewers by failing to acknowledge of the involvement of militant Palestinian groups. When Isis recently conducted an online campaign urging all Palestinians to attack Israeli solders and civilians, it hardly rated a mention at the BBC.

Hey, hold the phone Joan! Historically, while the BBC has always shown an anti-Israel bias in its reporting, it simultaneously offered ‘sympathy’ for pro-Islamic minority groups. Even when the Jews of the Diaspora were in dire need of international support, the BBC blanked them! Where was the BBC when the Jews of Judea were being oppressed by the Romans? Where was the BBC when the Egyptians chased Moses and the Israelites…an enslaved minority…across the Red Sea? Where was BBC coverage during the Spanish Inquisition? And don’t tell me all ‘outside broadcasts’ have to be first authorised by the Director General. F**king BBC!


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