fat feet

Podophilia is described as having an irresistible sexual or erotic interest in feet, that’s other people’s feet! Frankly I don’t get it? I’m ready, willing and able to worship every other part of a woman’s body, but definitely not her feet! I would be hard pressed to maintaining an erection whilst sucking on bunions and fungal toenails! This leads me on to ‘foot reading’, where someone looks at your feet in order to ‘read’ your personality and character by studying the colour, lines, perfections and imperfections of each foot, how you’ve lived your life and are living it. Baloney, as indeed is Tarot reading! Foot reading, a precise science? Hardly! I’m sure the ‘character’ of your feet is often determined by ill-fitting footwear! Tell me, how long will it be before someone claims to be able to read my anus?


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