suppository 1

According to the World Health Organisation, eating just 50g of processed meat a day can dramatically increase the risk of getting bowel cancer! Funny that, I was told it is safer to eat un-smoked bacon rather than smoked bacon? In any event, eating red meat, including beef, pork and lamb has been linked not just to colon cancer, but to prostate and pancreatic cancers too! Meanwhile, food scientists are going positively gaga over supercharged GM tomatoes that are positively packed with industrial quantities of disease-fighting plant chemicals. Surely the way forward is for us all to take these disease-fighting antioxidant chemicals in suppository form? Remember, unlike a turkey, a colon is not just for Christmas, it is supposed to last a lifetime!

*According to the WHO, 1 in 10 vegetarian sausages contain processed meat. The way to avoid eating it, is to cut off 10% of the suspect sausage and throw it away! Yes folks, more innovative ways to protect your health from shootthescribe!


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