UK homes of the future could be powered by geothermal electricity from Icelandic volcanoes. The ambitious multi-billion-pound plan will see electricity transported along a 750-mile sub-sea cable. I for one can safely say, by the time geothermal electricity arrives on our shores, I won’t be able to afford it! I wonder what the North Sea bed must look like? Surely by now it must resemble a ‘cats cradle’ of pipes and cables? Oil and gas pipes, telecommunication cables? I bet shoals of large fish must spend an inordinate amount of time navigating their way across it? Bottom-feeders such as shell-fish must at times get exasperated! Of course, in the event of war, all our enemies need do, is cut the pipes and cables to plunge the whole of the nation into darkness! So if you have any spare cash, I urge you to invest in matches, candles, torches, dry twigs, canned food and dried stacks!


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