Are you one of the new breed of super rich Russians coming to Britain to flaunt your immense wealth garnered from illegal and immoral activities back home? Are you worried that you or a member of your family might be kidnapped off the streets of London and held for ransom, just as rich kids are in Russia and Mexico? Fear not, for a new £20 million underground training centre to practice hostage rescue is set to open in 2017 in a decommissioned reservoir in Bedford, Bedfordshire. The centre, aimed at both the police and the military, will feature 5 firing ranges, and mock-up houses, hotels and airports. If you are concerned that the £20 million is being provided by taxpayers, don’t fret, it is not. The £20 million is being provided by the very same people who fear kidnappings! Let us hope ‘ordinary’ citizens are not caught up in the crossfire! It is a pity ones ‘value’ is determined solely by how much money you’ve managed to accumulate, as opposed by how much value loved ones place on one’s soul!


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