popularity contest

Unless of course you are a politician, after all, it is only by making outrageous promises that gets you elected! Have there ever been any British Prime Ministers who left office while still popular and with their reputations in tact? Winston Churchill was so popular after World war Two, that the electorate rejected the Conservatives in favour of a Labour Government in the 1945 elections. So much for popularity? After the 1982 Falklands War, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had never been so popular, that was until her government attempted to introduce the Poll Tax (Community Charge) in 1990, that culminated in riots. Mrs Thatcher was so unpopular within her own party, a leadership election was triggered in 1989, which she lost, resigning from office in 1990. Tony Blair went from being universally popular to being a figure of hate! David Cameron’s own reputation has taken a drubbing, with his inability to amend Britain’s membership of the European Union, and from his inability to learn from his predecessors mistakes. Currently, his Government is attempting to introduce Tax Credit cuts for low paid workers that will see them £1,300 p.a. worse off. How is this public relations catastrophe any different to Margaret Thatcher’s Poll tax calamity? Popularity never lasts long, so all one can do is to ride the crest of the wave until one hits the rocks! So remember folks, promises are like pie crusts, in that they are meant to be broken!


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