blood cells

As with my cigarettes, if ever I should need a blood transfusion, I’d like my blood filtered! The French government will soon end its ban on blood donations by gay men, a ban that was lifted in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) in 2011, provided donors remained celibate for a year prior to donating blood. Cut to the present day! According to the British Medical Journal, there has been a rise in ‘chemsex’, where gay men have sustained, unprotected sex with multiple partners while under the influence of illegal drugs (GHB and crystal meth). This lifestyle is apparently causing rates of HIV and other STIs to soar! Let us hope none of these chemsex addicts ever feel it is their civic duty to donate blood? Life, as always, is full of risk. Whereas it is not for me to criticise another’s lifestyle choice, should I ever require an additional blood supply, I would hope what I’m given will come with ‘provenance’!


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