begging dog

So who is a poo perpetrator? Dog owners who walk their pets but refuse to pick up poo! They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the poo law! I have never got used to picking up canine crap, but I do it anyway because its even more disgusting to leave it for others to walk through! Some dog owners walk their pets at night so others won’t see them walk on by poo. I’m just waiting for scientists to invent a proton-proton particle accelerator displacement beam, or aerosol can that zaps crap! Surely it would be easier to add some form of harmless dye to pet food products that causes canine crap to glow in the dark, thus I’ll never again walk it into my house? Okay, you’re bound to get nuts who will claim they are markers for alien landing crafts, but that can’t be helped!

Gadzooks, council inspectors employed by Stafford Borough Council (UK), have been issued with £200, laser illuminated, night vision goggles in order catch dog owners who refuse to pick up their dog poo at night. Way to go!!



  1. We have “doogy do” bag dispensaries everywhere here. There is no excuse, so I’m not shy to yell at that dog owner who doesn’t do the right thing. “Oi pick that shit up!”

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