In recent years the Roman Catholic Church has come in for a lot of stick from the Press regarding financial irregularities (misuse of billions in Vatican funds), and sex scandals (homosexual priests, Vatican gay sex ring, paedophilia). While denouncing poverty and sexual depravities within his church at every opportunity, we are to believe Pope Francis has fought tooth and nail to clean up the Vatican, yet no sooner has the man plugged one hole, and another one appears! Currently, Vatican-owned properties in Rome are allegedly operating as saunas and massage parlours, where priests pay for sex. According to the ‘Independent’ newspaper, Vatican officials are allowing buildings to be rented out at peppercorn rents as favours to powerful individuals and turning a blind eye to shady property deals, as well as allowing other addresses to be used as red light establishments. Financial irregularities by Cardinals are apparently legendary, with one using 200,000 euros from a medical charity to refurbish his luxury, 300sqm penthouse flat! If all this is to be believed, then the 2013 suspension from the Limburg Diocese of German ‘Bishop of Bling’ Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst for lavishing £26 million on a new, private residence, is just the tip of another iceberg!

If the above shenanigans are proved to be accurate, then it doesn’t take anyone with half a brain to deduce, high-ranking Vatican officials are in partnership with the Italian mafia, for who else could possibly be running the brothels? The mafia has brought the Eternal City of Rome to the verge of bankruptcy thanks to their activities: Extortion, corruption, fraud, public bidding rigging and money laundering! It comes as no surprise that a well-known mafia crime boss was recently given a lavish funeral, his coffin paraded through the streets of Rome! Without the Vatican’s co-operation, Interpol and Europol can do nothing! The Holy See sees all, but does nothing. Business as usual then?

Is it really surprising the Vatican is little more than a nest of vipers? The House of Borgia produced two popes: Callixtus 111 and Alexander V1, while The Borgias arch-rivals from The House of Medici sired four popes: Leo X, Clement V11, Pius 1V and Leo X1. Adultery, incest, theft, bribery and murder seemed to be their modus operandi when keeping a tight grip on power. Sometimes one good man can indeed make a difference, but not in the Vatican. In light of recent history, for fear he is murdered too, Pope Francis might consider meddling less, not more! Finally, if you want to feel sorry for anyone, well, feel sorry for the tens of millions of devout Catholics from around the world who look to the Vatican for spiritual leadership!


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