According to TV psychic/medium, Sally Morgan, who has spent 8-years on the road with her psychic show, the sleepy, East Sussex retirement seaside resort of Eastbourne, with double the psychic energy of most towns, is the best place in the country to get in touch with the dead!Sleepy’, perhaps because many of the elderly residents of Eastbourne retirement homes, are permanently sedated? Sally, having complied a list of 10 psychic hotspots around the country, I notice that the richest retirement community in Britain, Bournemouth, does not appear anywhere on it? Is this because one can only get in touch with the recently departed Bournemouth residents via their solicitors? As far as I am concerned, psychic energy is akin to expedited wind, in that most spirits are boringly monosyllabic! You have more chance of having a conversation with a cardboard cut-out! However, if you are still insistent upon contacting a spirit of the dead, head off to God’s waiting room in Eastbourne, where half the residents already have one foot in the grave!

Now according to paranormal investigator Tom Slemen, the Victorian, Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, built in 1912, is ‘by far’ the most haunted hotel in Britain. So if you’re desperate to lose weight by shitting a brick or two, go visit!


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