yum yum

Post ‘horse meat’ scandal! With hundreds of transsexuals going under the knife every year to have genitals removed or added, some people (I’m not one of them) have raised concerns over the whereabouts of this plethora of redundant penises and scrotums. There is a rumour going around, unscrupulous, hospital theatre staff are selling these once essential body parts, rather than incinerating them! It has even been suggested, since genitals cannot be reattached to female-to-male transsexuals for reasons of health & safety, discarded bits & pieces have ended up in supermarket ‘own-brand’ ready meals! I’ve read that in some under-developed societies, eating someone else’s genitals is supposed to empower one. Thank you, I’m empowered enough! Having already broken a tooth biting down on a bar of Cadbury’s ‘fruit & nut’, I have no wish to break any more teeth on ‘nuts’ that have not been cooked down! Although I choose not to believe this latest rumour, if you do have a nut allergy, don’t buy ready meals until the all-clear has been sounded!


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