oil barrel

Well, is Western foreign policy really responsible for the creation of Islamic terrorism, that like a plague without an antidote, has spread worldwide? The answer is probably…yes! However, in order to become ‘developed’ nations, the West had no choice but to become reliant on Middle East oil, and as with other poisonous by-products in the oil refinement process, jihadism/death cults is just another by-product! It is worth remembering we in the West have relied upon Middle East oil for 120 years. Had we run our ships, trains, cars and planes on say…a hydrogen fuel cell, no one would be vacationing in places like Dubai, for as a resort, it would not exist! Arabians and North, Northeast and West Africans would still be living under tents! It could be argued, the civil war in Somalia was deliberately caused by Western influences and the thirst for even more oil? If the West didn’t burn it, oil would be of no value whatsoever! It would in fact have been left in the ground! Doctor Frankenstein (The West) created a monster (Jihadism/Radical Islam) which we cannot now control! People of New York, London, Mumbai, Tunisia, Paris, Mali and many other places have paid the ultimate price, with their lives! So, oil has given us everything, but not all change is progress! If we didn’t burn another drop of the stuff (oil), the monster would still be around! ISIL continues to behead and amputate limbs of the innocent, but so does Western ally, Saudi Arabia. The West turns a blind eye because we buy their oil and the Saudis buy our arms. So you see, the problem of inhuman behaviour is not so easily solved!


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