keep calm and duck

Thanks to Western ‘blind’ interference in Islamic countries that are steeped in religious intolerance and tribalism, an interference that has given rise to that global phenomenon, Islamic extremism, other than to the shed at the bottom of the garden, there are now few places safe to travel to. This year, Christmas in Christendom is going to be a bitch! So if you happen to be out and about in your capital city and spot a quadcopter/drone flying above your head, clutching a package…find some cover, because it could be a bomb!

Meanwhile, some families, seduced by low-cost holiday packages still intend travelling close to ‘hot spots’. Although I don’t subscribe to cowering at the bottom of one’s garden, it still surprises me the number of people who are prepared to put their lives and liberty in jeopardy for the sake of a bargain! Alert to sun worshippers! Don’t forget your sunscreen, oh, and your blood clotting agent!


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