Anonymous 1

Anonymous, the hacktivist group, a decentralized virtual community whose goal is to seek mass awareness and revolution against what the organization perceives as ‘corrupt entities’, have been responsible for among other things; Operation Sony, Operation Bank of America EMail Drop and Operation Payback (Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, PayPal). The scourge of the corporate world and governments, cyber security experts the world over (GCHQ, NSA) must have a dedicated team of their own hacktivists employed to unmasking Anonymous members. While Anonymous claim to be an ethical group, determined to redress injustices and promote freedom of speech, human rights and freedom of all sensitive information, States refer to the secretive individuals who make up the Anonymous ‘co-operative’ as cyber terrorists, claiming they use technology to affect social change while avoiding the ballot box, thus obviating Democracy, supposedly the ‘bedrock’ of Western civilization!

Anonymous have now turned their attention and their hacktivist fingertips towards Isis, declaring war on the insane, barbaric miscreants. Anonymous claim credit for having over 20,000 Isis Twitter accounts taken down! I wonder if GCHQ and the NSA will cut the hacktivists some slack, pursuing them with less vigour? War does indeed make for some strange bedfellows!

Globalization having carved up the world over the last 20-years or so, together with State control of information that may or may not adversely affect our lives, I suggest to you there is a need for groups like Anonymous. The rape of ‘truth’ must be prevented at all costs! It is a shame I am a mere monkey on a computer!


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