Yeah well, that’s hardly a revelation, is it? Now according to the Office of National Statistics, men who live in the richest part of Kensington & Chelsea can expect almost 24.6 years more good health than their male counterparts in the most deprived parts of the London borough. Women, 21.2 years of good health! Really? I wasn’t aware there were any deprived parts of Kensington & Chelsea? Anyway, it is obvious to me, the rich have access to expensive, ‘branded’ drugs, prescribed by private doctors, drugs that are denied patients who expect free treatment in the National Health Service. So if you want expensive anti-cancer drugs that extend your life, expect to pay through the nose for them…£100-£200 per day…and a nasal catheter may well be the method of introduction! If money is tight, well you can expect some generic shit that may or may not do you any good!

Of course rich or poor, fighting over life-extending drugs may soon become a moot point, for at the end of the day…10-years max…we may all face an ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ following the recent discovery of bacteria that is resistant to all ‘last-resort’ antibiotics, thanks to their over-use.  But in practical terms, what does this to you and I? Untreatable, common infections that are lethal, such as influenza! Why even surgery for an appendectomy will become impossible! Scientific endeavours to produce new strains of bacteria-fighting antibiotics were started too late. Costly to develop, drug companies dragged their heels. So rich or poor, we may all find ourselves pushing up daisies in the same graveyard. Have a nice day, because it might be your last!


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