the Lord's PrayerThe Church of England went to great expense to commission a 60-second advert of the Lord’s Prayer spoken by ‘ordinary’ people, intending it to be shown as a Christmas message in cinemas across Britain next month, prior to the new ‘Star wars’ movie ‘The Force Awakens’. This advert has now been pulled by the Digital Cinema Media (DCM), which has a policy of not accepting adverts that promote a political or religious message. And quite right too! Allowing the Christian Lord’s Prayer to be shown to cinema audiences would have set a precedent to encourage other religions to embark on mass audience indoctrination! Leaders of the Church of England must be bloody mad!? The place for the Lord’s Prayer is in a temple of worship, not a cinema! Perhaps if the Church of England concentrated more on the true Christian programme (Jesus’s true Ministry) and less on making money, church congregations might not have dwindled so!


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