laser scope 1

While two whistle-blowing Italian journalists have gone on trial at the Vatican court for exposing alleged corruption and mismanagement at the Holy See, Pope Francis has arrived in Nairobi, the first leg on his African trip, in order to promote peace, love, tolerance and understanding! Once the blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada is all over, Pope Francis will change into papal fatigues, designed by that premier frock designer, Victor Vatikan, in order to embark on a shoot! Using a military-grade laser sight attached to a Swedish, Mauser M41B sniper’s rifle, Pope Francis hopes to kill lions, elephants, hippos and antelope. The trophy heads will replace the now degraded Aztec, Maya and Inca trophies in the Vatican trophy hall of fame dedicated to the Roman Catholic decimation of entire civilizations! Oh, dear me I think I’ve got a ‘semi’ coming on!


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