climate change

That’s right, f**k climate change! No one in power really gives a shit about it. No developed nation can do anything substantial to reduce its carbon emissions, other than to hive off parts of its heavy industry to ‘developing’ nations. Heads of 158 countries are meeting in Paris this week to discuss climate change, alongside 40,000 ‘delegates’ and a 120,000 security force. So how did most of them arrive? By plane! So much for carbon emissions! As I say, they are merely paying climate change lip service! I do wonder how many of the 158 heads of state deny their own people the human rights many of us take for granted? No doubt the thousands of attendees will down the finest cuisine, all served by minimum wage catering staff. Boy, that’s one junket I’d love to be on! Talk about a ‘jus’ train pulling into the station? If you really want to reverse the effects of ‘man made’ climate change, well then, dismantle all the power stations, shut down all the steel foundries and go back to living in caves! Not to your liking? I suppose mentioning the burning of fossil fuels so close to Christmas might be considered…bad taste? Yet without black chimney smoke, the average Western family wouldn’t have any seasonal gifts to buy one another!

Meanwhile, scientists are developing a diabetes pill that could help us live until 120! If we are to believe ‘unnatural’ global warming is going to melt all the polar icecaps, resulting in huge rises in seas levels, then clearly those of us living until we’re 120 plus will be treading water and wishing we were dead!


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