alien abduction 1

According to the National Crime Agency’s UK Missing Persons Bureau, police forces in England, Scotland and Wales have received more than 800 reports every day this year of people going missing! In total over 315,000 individuals have ‘inexplicably’ disappeared in the last year! Most came from loving homes and had no reason to vanish without a trace. Okay, eleven went to Hollywood to break into the movies, and two actually went missing from Missing Persons Bureau, but the rest? I strongly suggest they were all abducted by aliens whose intentions were definitely hostile! Globally? Well, it has been suggested 28 Chinese human rights lawyers have also been forcibly abducted by extraterrestrials, however I can confirm the claim is bogus! The 28 Chinese human rights lawyers are in fact languishing in Chinese jails without having been charged of any crimes against the State, unless of course one believes making a nuisance of oneself a crime?


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