Resveratrol was first isolated from Senna quin...

Resveratrol was first isolated from Senna quinquangulata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LADIES…gentlemen too, does your skin resemble shrivelled Egyptian papyrus? Do your crows feet give you more character than you wish for? Well, forget cosmetic surgery and vampire face lifts, forget laser treatment, forget vitamin IV drips, forget Botox, forget lotions and potions, mud baths and stinky face packs…forget snake venom creams, dermal fillers, placenta-based moisturizer & face masks, leech therapy, ceramic crystal injections, mesotherapy, non-venomous snake massage, sheep embryo injections, breast milk soap, bull semen hair treatment, bird poop facials, snail ooze facials, bee venom facials, gold-leaf facials, caviar facials and the full body chocolate wrap! If you want to stave off the ravages of TIME, have you thought about DRINKING yourself YOUNG...well perhaps you should, for there exists…APPARENTLY, a brand new anti-aging ELIXIR just like the ones you may have read about in children’s fairy tales!

FOUNTAIN‘The Beauty Molecule’ claims not only to be a highly effective weapon in the war against wrinkles, but also to boost your overall health, and the secret that lies within the £24.99 pomegranate-flavoured drink is RESVERATROL…an anti-oxidant prized for its supposed ability to slow down and delay the ageing  process. Resveratrol can be found in peanuts, Japanese knotweed, red wine and in red grape skins, but has never before been made available in liquid form.

According to an article in the Mail Online, when our cells divide to create new cells, these new cells are often uneven and abnormal from the original and this is more commonly known as the ageing process. So, uneven cell division. Yes, I can just about grasp that. Now resveratrol should delay this process by encouraging division at a slower rate,  thereby extending the life span of cells and delaying ageing.

Resveratrol has even been shown to help ward off the potentially deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, according to recent studies. Harvard scientists also found that the powerful antioxidant directly activates a protein that promotes health and longevity in the body.

As with most things that are good for us, resveratrol tastes disgusting by itself, so Fountain have added natural pomegranate to sweeten the flavour. This elixir of life also contains the anti-oxidant Black Carrot and the anti-ageing super-ingredient hyaluronic acid, which enhances the process by stimulating collagen production and  smoothing out wrinkles. Remember though…it is only one teaspoon a day that keeps the plastic surgeon at bay. Guzzle it as you would beer, and you are in danger of waking up as a five-year-old child, and do you really want to go through puberty again?

I would be much more convinced that FOUNTAIN did what it said on the bottle if it sold, not for £24:99, but for £500:00, but hay-ho, I’m prepared to give anything a try! Even if it doesn’t extend my life…I bet I’ll be the best looking corpse in the graveyard, which is all that counts, right?

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