sex for driving lessons

Only in Holland, and no, it’s not some kind of early April fools joke! Bearing in mind prostitution remains legal in Holland, under the new ‘Ride for a Ride’ law, Dutch ‘non-commercial’ genitals can now be pressed into ‘commercial’ service. Any student over the age of 18 can receive free driving lessons in exchange for a variety of sexual acts. Naturally the initiative remains in the hands of the driving instructor, who can be both male and female, but not necessarily at the same time! It is further worth bearing in mind, if you have a poor road sense and require several driving lessons, it may well be cheaper in the long run, actually paying for them! In my opinion, this Ride for a Ride law sets a dangerous precedent, for if this ‘swap service’ trends, swapping sex for ‘goods’ is only around the corner. If this ‘arrangement’ were to spread across the entire European Union, the euro might take a f**king tumble!


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