chastity belt 1

Chastity belts have come of age! As a precaution against single or double penetration from possible captors, female, American frontline soldiers are to be issued with the latest hi-tech gadgetry…Kevlar-coated chastity belts with a unique, digital, triple locking mechanism that can only be disassembled when the right code is entered on return to base camp. Currently being field-tested by US infantry women in Syria, this ‘anti-rape attire’ that allows for urination, gives off a 175,000 charge if anyone attempts to forcibly remove the ‘modesty’ belt from the wearer. Unfortunately, due to funding issues, British female frontline soldiers have been issued with a low-tech anti-rape device…medieval chastity belt from the basement of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The locking mechanism on these cast iron monstrosities utilises a key which soldiers must wear on a chain around their necks!


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