Rose Darcey Bussell バラ ダーシー・バッセル

Rose Darcey Bussell バラ ダーシー・バッセル (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

OOH I say, have you seen what some of the female dancers have been wearing on Strictly Come Dancing recently…or rather, what they are not wearing? It really is a feast to the pornographic eye, isn’t it! The show is becoming more of a porn fest every year, not that I’m complaining! I’m seriously thinking of changing my TV for one with a sharper picture.

I didn’t agree with the BBC’s decision to sack choreographer Arlene Phillips. The lady has a lifetime’s worth of dance knowledge, and her critiques were both detailed and valid. Miss Phillip’s most recent replacement, retired ballerina Darcey Bussell is really quite easy on the eye, isn’t she? However, she is a bit of an appeaser. No matter how awful the celebrity dancer is, darling Darcey always manages to avoid slagging off their efforts! I bet if the Devil himself performed, darling Darcey would offer him kind words too. “Nice extension Satan…great facial expressions throughout the Paso Doble…good hoof work too! Mind you don’t burn up the dance floor! But on the whole, a good effort!”


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