keep calm and carry on regardless

Stability, yes, but choice, not really! Here in Britain, when a Conservative Government loses a general election, it is usually because they are seen as elitist and uncaring. When a Labour Government loses an election, it is usually because the economy is in a mess due to over borrowing and the introduction of poor economic measures. It is not so much that a shadow government wins a general election, but that a sitting Government loses it! Come the 2020 general election, it is more than likely the Conservative Government will be ousted, and the Labour Party will get back in (even with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm), whether David Cameron remains Conservative Party leader or not! It is unlikely many people in the flooded North of England will put an ‘X’ by the name of any Conservative candidate. By the time a Labour Government has wrecked the economy again (out of control borrowing, re-nationalising industries, inflation), the Conservatives will be re-elected in 2025! Remember, ‘a week is a long time in politics.’ Anything can happen, and it often does!


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