Talk about an accident waiting to happen! Yes folks, is there no ‘beginning’ to British ingenuity? A fully licensed bar is part of plans at Westerleigh Crematorium in south Gloucestershire to open a bereavement suite that will host post-funeral gatherings. Those who run the crematorium may well hope to cater for parties looking for a simple, dignified event after a funeral, but the best laid schemes of mice and men…etcetera, etcetera! Once sufficient alcohol has been consumed, blood is likely to be spilled when drunk family members and friends drag up long simmering grievances. What of the noise from crematorium hospitality, raucous bar fights? I bet it will be loud enough to…wake the dead, or at the very least, turn him in his urn? Why if this idea trends, police and paramedic ‘call-outs’ will go through the roof, along with smoke from crematorium chimneys!


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