Sorry ‘M’, I don’t work on the Sabbath!” According to rabbi, Dr Raphael Zarum, of the London School of Jewish Studies, Bond creator, Ian Fleming based his character on the 19th-century super spy of Russian-Jewish heritage, Sidney Reilly, born Shlomo Rosenblum, who worked for the British Secret Service Bureau, the predecessor of MI6! Some of Sidney Reilly’s disguises included: tailor, rabbi, minicab driver and kosher deli manager, which come to think of it, is probably where Reilly came up with the idea of the poisoned pickled gherkin and the exploding smoke salmon, cream cheese bagel, or ‘IEB’, both of which Reilly may well of used in his attempt to assassinate comrade Lenin and overthrow the Bolshevik government. It has been well documented that in May 1923, Vladimir IIyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, was incommunicado for 7-days, suffering from constipation!?

*The IEB (improvised explosive bagel) is still used today by Mossad agents today.


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