dog eating vibrator

Unlike my dog, I’m not especially house trained. In fact, I’m a bit of a slob, however I do draw the line at leaving food crumbs on the kitchen work surface. I usually just brush crumbs onto the kitchen floor, and leave them there. Sooner or later, ‘Cyril’, my French Bull Dog will hoover them all up! The only thing I won’t leave on the floor, are my…slippers! Now I wish my live-in girlfriend Sally was so particular! The other night Sally reached across the bed to the bedside table in order to grab her vibrator that she’d left on ‘charge’ the previous evening. Jeez, you should have heard the fuss she made just because it was a bit chewed up! I’m no scientist, but in my opinion, the ridges the dog’s teeth made, were only likely to heighten Sally’s solo sex act enjoyment! Are labia ‘case sensitive’, I think so?!


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