sugar app

Thanks to government interference, more and more people are turning to healthy living by cutting out sugar and fat from their diets and replacing them with fresh fruit and vegetables in the hope it will keep their weight down and extend their natural lifespans by avoiding diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Public Health England has launched to great fanfare, a free downloadable sugar app for smartphone, that can detect the sugar content of any food or drink by simply waving the screen over what it is you are about to eat! For f**k sake…no! Extending the lives of the burgeoning general population who for the most part have nothing much original to say, is in my book, bloody irresponsible! The buses, trains and roads are already clogged with bipeds (you & me), so putting off ‘sell-by-dates’ of organics (you & me again) is indeed, short-term thinking! And what of the English Tourist Board? How is it to attract foreign visitors to our shores if the Board cannot show off the people in their best light…beached whales, waddling down the street exposing their rolls of fat! I say, let the people eat what they like. Better die young having choked to death on a spare rib, than wait two years for a hernia operation! So now we’ve sorted that out, is it one lump or six in your tea?


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