A bomb 1

The foundation of nuclear energy is the harnessing the power of atoms. The atomic bomb utilises fission, the division of one atom into two. The hydrogen bomb utilises fusion, the combination of two lighter atoms into a larger one, (more ‘bang’ for your bucks). As it happens, I have one ‘A’ bomb (Freddie) and one ‘H’ bomb (Samantha) both sweating in the sauna at the bottom of my garden. Having decided to ‘downsize’, I’m about to place both Freddie and Samantha on eBay (fuses included). If you intend bidding for the ultimate status symbol, do remember it is ‘collect only’ on account my beautiful bombs exceed the Post Office’s weight limit! Huh, I remember the days the Post Office actually offered a decent service!

*That’s me standing by Samantha. H-bomb selfie!


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