alien abduction 1

US Presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton, has said: “I will reveal the truth about UFOs and Area 51 when I’m President!” Meanwhile, it is claimed JFK was murdered by the CIA, not for betraying the Agency over the failed Cuban invasion, but for demanding the spy agency release top-secret UFO files. More than 70% of Americans believe aliens exist, which is perhaps why so many US States have passed laws entitling citizens to openly carry automatic weapons? Now if you believe we are shortly to be invaded by masses of foreign tourists from a galaxy far, far away, then may I suggest you evict the illegal immigrants currently living in your garden sheds, in order to make them ready for extraterrestrials, who will certainly be able to afford a higher rent! And if you live near a railway line, well, you’re quids-in, aren’t you? I wonder if those bleedin’ aliens will go for a ‘Full English Breakfast’?


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