Cheryl 7

But it’s hard not to! First it was Cheryl Tweedy, then it was Cheryl Cole, and now she is about to drop the Fernandez-Versini, having just announced she is divorcing her second husband, French ‘restaurateur’, Jean-Barnard Fernandez-Versini after a mere 18-months of marriage! It has been suggested that one of the main causes of the split was the language barrier. Cheryl can’t speak French, and Jean-Bernard supposedly can’t speak English. If that is the case, why on earth did they wed? It has also been suggested, French cook Jean-Bernard was sick and tired of having to watch Cheryl scoff eel pie and mash? Perhaps the frog just had too much of a good thing? Perhaps the man was sick and tired of smelling the roses? Considering the tattooed lady of song didn’t get her second husband to sign a prenuptial agreement, will Cheryl go back to using her maiden name ‘Tweedy’, or will she adopt…‘Burke’?


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