Tony Blair 3

Transcripts of telephone conversations offered to the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee between former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and former Libyan dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, show Mr Blair repeatedly addressing the now dead North African ruler as ‘the Leader’. I remind you, back in 2004, Muammar Gaddafi told Tony Blair “You look good” as they sat under moonlight in a Bedouin tent outside Tripoli. A student of politics and political brinkmanship might have asked at the time, why meet in a Bedouin tent? Well, the truth has only recently emerged. Gaddafi’s palace was at the time suffering an infestation of vermin, specifically, rats! British firm Rentokil had the contract to rid the port of Tripoli of rats. Since there was a reluctance by the Libyans to cough up the £5 million owed on past works, Rentokil decided to leave ‘all’ the desert rats in situ! By the by, although it has been suggested the relationship between the ‘two dictators’ was rather more than cordial, there has never been any suggestion the then PM Blair broke the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s ‘no tongues’ protocol rule! Furthermore, riding a camel, tandem after midnight, is not considered an act of intimacy! Interestingly, since Mr Blair was appointed Middle East Peace Envoy back in 2007, the region has never been in such turmoil! Gee Tony, thanks for the contribution. Don’t call us, we’ll call you!


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