I haven’t been blogging much the last couple of weeks because my elderly mum is ill and needs constant nursing. The reason I mention this is, my sister phoned today, not so much to enquire into her mother’s health, but to remind me to post a birthday card and some money to her grandchild. When beautiful souls were handed out, I didn’t get one, and my sister certainly didn’t get one. In fact, the only member of my immediate family who was handed a beautiful soul was my mother! Although I hope Sonia lives for another good few years, I somehow look forward to mentioning ‘souls’ in my eventual eulogy!

Followers of certain religions believe souls are ‘transmigratory’, in that there is a finite number of souls in existence. A new-born cannot therefore come into this world until someone dies, thus relinquishing his/her soul. If souls are in fact in limited supply, I wonder if God keeps written or digital records, and in a separate file, a list of good and bad souls?


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