Prime Minister David Cameron has said that there should be an ‘obligation’ to learn English placed upon ‘people who come to our country’ and settle in the UK. Yeah right, as if that’s ever going to happen when it has never occurred before! First generation European Jews and Asians never bothered learning English, so why would anyone else? Talk about hypocrisy! Various NHS Trusts have for years employed doctors and nurses with ‘questionable’ qualifications and ‘dubious’ experience whose spoken and written English is considered poor! Ordering a cup of coffee with an extra shot is really quite different to dispensing hospital drugs to the critically ill! Only now will nurses and midwives from Europe have to prove they have enough English to practice in the UK. No doubt the British taxpayers will once again have to pay for these English lessons? Here’s a thought! Why not learn English BEFORE you come here for a completely free ride! 

Meanwhile, those 28, sneaky, sly, conniving, unelected 28 EU Commissars, will block Britain from deporting thousands of asylum seekers unless it signs up to European Union refugee quotas! So it’s ‘1 out’ and ‘3 in’!


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