Philistinism: An uncouth person, hostile to art, culture, beauty, spirituality and intellect. Or, one who is smugly narrow of mind! Oh f**k right off will you, I just don’t like opera, and absolutely hate it when opera singers take on popular songs only to butcher them! Opera? Why I’ve heard sweeter music escaping from a bloated corpse!

The 5* Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall, London SW1, is the venue for the ‘world premier’ of an Opera Installation, running from 25th January to the 3rd of February. Apparently the new opera that promises to reveal ‘the secret life of an hotel’ will be breaking out all over the hotel, thanks to roving singers. If the ‘snippet’ I heard on BBC news is anything to go by, it might be worth me paying the £35:00 premium ticket just so I might interrupt the singers with my pre-recorded, seven minute long ‘Flatulent Concerto’ now that I’ve ironed out any bum notes! Talk about breaking bad!


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