begging dog

Have you noticed how many televised begging bowls come out in January? Praying on our collective consciousness after our Christmas over-indulgencies, we are persuaded to part with small sums of money via direct debits and texts, in order to save the lives of adults and children in the underdeveloped world who are currently dying from lack of water, lack of food and unsanitary living conditions. Excuse me, but doesn’t the British Government send nearly £13 billion of taxpayers money to Third World countries every bloody year, in the ‘guise’ of foreign aid? Doesn’t the European Union forward billions more too? How many times must we pay to ease our collective social conscience? Bearing in mind a great deal of foreign aid is ‘traditionally misappropriated’ by corrupt Third World government officials, who spend the money on themselves and their families, whatever left, spent on small arms which is used to subjugate their people, it could be argued, of your £2 a month regular charitable donation, perhaps less than half is actually used to save a life. The remaining 50% may well be used to take a life! I do donate money to charities, but only to animal charities based in Britain! Hey, I guess I’m just not a people person!?


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