English: Pink button icon. Français : Icône de...

English: Pink button icon. Français : Icône de bouton rose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Restoring colour to one’s aging lips that no longer receive the blood supply they once did has apparently become a bit of an obsession for appearance-conscious women. An obsession you say? That’s news to me! My New Pink Button’ is a temporary genital dye designed to restore women’s labia to a ‘youthful pink’.  Excuse me, but what happens when your partner goes down on you? Might not he…or she get a mouthful of shoe dye? Anyway, available to buy on Amazon for £23 ($36.95),  My New Pink Button comes in four shades, ‘Ginger’, ‘Marilyn’, ‘Bettie’ and  ‘Audrey’. The website states that the ‘patent pending formula’ was designed by a certified Paramedical Esthetician after she discovered her own genital colour loss. Surely it is the type of market driven product that should appear on ‘Dragons Den’. Each so-called Dye System Kit includes 20  disposable applicators, a mixing dish, the labia colourant and an instructional  guide. The four shades of dye mean you can pick the level and intensity of change – ranging from Marilyn at the lighter end to Audrey at the darkest. So, correct me if I’m wrong, are we talking…mood swing labia? Lady parts have never had so much attention!


One thought on “I’M DYING TO DYE MY LABIA…HUH?

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