death duties

There has been a lot of radio chatter in recent years about visitors from outer space, but no one as yet has seen an extra-terrestrial. None has been photographed, either in Trafalgar Square, or photomombing movie premier selfies. Why then are aliens conspicuous by their absence when you consider Earth is a welcoming place, and rich in natural resources? One would think out planet is the perfect place for strangers to put down roots, become citizens and transfer their assets to? The truth is, no alien in his right mind is willing to pay inheritance tax, which remains 40% over a current threshold in Britain and America, 55% in Japan, 45% in France, 35% in Spain and 30% in Germania! Inheritance tax remains an abomination! One pays tax all one’s working life, and on private pensions, only for the government of the day to grab a final bloody great big chunk of a deceased’s estate, denying heirs what is rightfully theirs!  And by the way, another reason extraterrestrials are so reluctant to relocate to Earth has to do with our ‘heavy-duty’ gravity, which I am reliably informed will inevitably cause Mr Grey’s skin to stretch! Worried about one day having to pay inheritance tax, these outer-spacers who might otherwise consider plastic surgery, cannot presently justify the spend!



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