freedom 3

Just watched first episode of the new ‘X-Files’ series. Did not disappoint! Now although I don’t believe in the existence of God or extraterrestrials, I do believe in world domination by cliques, cabals, who control multi-national corporations, and whose influence extends right into the heart of government. The price of a barrel has recently plummeted. Someone arranged it, and someone is profiting from the collapse. Control of entire populations is by no means a new phenomena. In fact, we have always been intellectually dominated through sophisticated means of manipulation for as long as there has been the means of mass communication. Governments only last 4/5 years. Enfranchising a population is designed to make you believe you have the power to elect a particular political party to power, but the power isn’t with the government. The ‘vote’ is intended to give us the illusion we have power, whereas in fact we have none! All major decisions are made for us by individuals we’ve never heard of and never will! And if you think I’m dead wrong, then why are we still paying death duties after a lifetime of paying tax? How come no one has mobilised social media to encourage the picketing of our government buildings? In conclusion, I would say this, your freedoms and mine are but illusionary! We are all free to do what we are told!!


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