money can't buy you class

A subscription service that allows fashion-conscious (female) shoppers to rent that must-have designer jacket, party dress or bag, for a flat monthly fee may be coming to a high street/shopping mall near you! Well talk about ‘an accident waiting to happen’! I suspect many ‘renters’ will end up paying in full to replace items of clothing they’ve damaged. Apparently it is still considered de rigueur for many of Britain’s ‘young ladies’ who go out of a weekend, to get absolutely blottoed. Ending up arse over tit, with dried vomit caked to one’s dress and piss running down one’s legs, and worse, is a ‘right of passage’ that is repeated every bloody weekend! On second thoughts, perhaps Britain is not the ideal place in which to rent designer clothing to plebs covered in tattoos and fake tan? Remember folks, you can’t polish a turd!


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