The 1000-year-old practice of printing laws on vellum (goat & calfskin) is coming to an end in an effort to save the House of Lords £80,000 annually. From March 2016 all new laws will be printed on paper, as well as being preserved digitally. Since the preservation of the Palace of Westminster is expected to cost the public several billions of pounds, I can’t honestly believe the £80,000 saving has anything to do with switching from vellum to paper! Laws used to be ‘set in stone’ so to speak, thus what better print medium than vellum, since it lasts 500 years when looked after. The fact is, laws are no longer set in stone, many being altered, revised and changed to suit the sitting government. I wonder whether the new print medium is rice paper? My great, great, great Uncle Arthur had an underwear draw full of vellum underpants. Apparently they lasted a lifetime too! I would loved to have been a fly on the wall at the reading of Arthur’s will. “And now we come to bequests relating to Uncle Arthur’s under garments!” I bet the room emptied in two-seconds flat!


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