Britain has come 8th out of 28 countries in an anti-depressant league table! Now a few years ago I went to my doctor complaining of feeling generally run down. No sooner had I opened my mouth, and the doctor shoved a questionnaire in front of me, which I completed there and then. One of the questions was, ‘Have you ever had any suicidal thoughts?’ Well who hasn’t, at least once in their life? The fact was, having written novels for several years and not having tasted success, why wouldn’t I have felt depressed? The long and the short of it was, my doctor prescribed me antidepressants, which I took for 6-months! Did they make me ‘happier’, no! One of the side effects almost scared the shit out of me…nightmares! I say, almost scared the shit out of me, because another side effect of swallowing antidepressants was, constipation! From my own experience, and from what I’ve read, doctors are far too quick to prescribe anti-Ds. Naturally a bipolar sufferer is in a completely different boat!

In the current socio-economic climate, which of us doesn’t suffer from depression now and again? It really is unrealistic to expect to feel ‘joyous’ all of the time. Bad news from our own back yards and from around the world seems to be streamed 24/7! STD’s are on the rise in the over 5o’s age group. Chocolate is running out! If you’re not on occasion plagued by self-doubt, then I suggest you are already swallowing antidepressants, that, or you have a sunny disposition that is a wonder to behold!



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