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No, no, I’m not talking about a sharp knife splitting skin, but the other death of a thousand cuts, the one where several thousand British citizens can look forward to dying involuntarily over the next few years because they can’t afford to heat their homes or switch the gas on to cook their food! That’s right, energy cuts! It seems to me, what once we in Britain took for granted are now luxury items! Me? I’m taking a stand! I have already put my home up for sale. I’ve instructed my real estate agent to earnestly look for a cave dwelling! It must pass a full structural survey, be freehold, have running water in it, be miles from any f**king fracking zone, and must be large enough to accommodate six adults. The six energy giants can stick their products right up their asses, and I hope it fries their ‘publicly quoted’ rectums, for I intend living as my ancestors lived. I will hunt for food and in the process attain a level of fitness I haven’t enjoyed since childhood. I am the new man…the caveman! Er, has anyone got a tin opener?

It is said Britain is the 5th richest nation on earth, and has the fastest growing economy in the European Union! I’m confused? Britain remains several trillion pounds in debt, this growing at £5,170 per second. These debts will never be paid off. All successive governments can hope to do is meet the interest payments. The Chancellor, George Osborne is about to impose further austerity cuts in order to attempt to balance the Treasury’s books. We have suffered years of cuts to Welfare, the NHS, the Police, and to Public Transport. Crikey, the average UK citizen can’t even afford to visit a dentist! If Britain is indeed a rich nation, clearly, the riches are being hoarded by the top 1% of the population!  


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